Monday, November 5, 2012

good morning mr. magpie

You started drawing pictures when you were young because you like creating then you realized you were good at it and it got you attention... Then they almost killed it for you, starting at school, but you persisted because some part of you still wanted to create a new world. And they tried taking it away from you by making you pay for it, in oh so many ways and tried making you forget what it is really about and to convince you that it doesn't really belong to you by imposing rules and contexts, concepts and precepts. But something inside you still holds on. And this is you. You create because you must, because you are Pan, the Universe, Everything you carry inside you. Mirror. And to create is to express this natural evolutionary urge inside of you. Chaos and Order. Movement in waves of creation. Motion. World upon world inside of worlds. Infinite. Because you are what you are. A God/ ess. Creator. The Magician. The Storyteller.

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